OASIS art exhibitions, held in spring in Osaka, were started in 1996.These are intended to be a “bridge” between our society and art world.The question remains, the presence of Art in our society?
REIJINSHA, through its “OASIS” exhibitions, has set itself the task of try a philosophical approach to the question…
The name of this OASIS exhibition, comes from the initial words “Osaka Art Show of International Selections” and our wish to “Make this place an intimate oasis to enrich the spirit”.

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Bienal de Art Maison Japón

“Bienal de Art Maison Japón”, an international exchange exhibition of artists from Japan and Spain that is held once every two years.
This exhibition marks the commencement of a special project composed of the union of the three elements of that exhibit, a monument, and an art book.
It includes the erection of a permanently displayed monument on which the names of all the participating Japanese artists are engraved and the publication of “Art Maison International”, an art book in which the works of all of those same ar tists are introduced.

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Monaco – Japon Rencontre Artistique

Japan and Monaco are two countries that enjoy an excellent cooperative relationship in various arenas like politics, economics and culture. Although diplomatic relations were only established in 2006, REIJINSHA has been interacting with the country of Monaco since 1990, even before those official diplomatic relations commenced. Our participation in the Festival d’Art Japonais à Cannes began in 1997 and, with it then being renamed to its present Rencontre Artistique Monaco-Japon from 2007, this event has become established in Monaco’s Monte Carlo as a large art festival that is regularly held in early spring, effectively deepening the exchange between Japanese artists and the artists of southern France and Monaco even further with each and every holding. This art festival is sponsored by the Principality of Monaco’s Agency for Cultural Affairs and the Monaco Tourist Office and Convention Authority, with REIJINSHA serving as the Executive Committee and playing the role of connecting the exchange between Japan and Monaco through art.

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Sesshu International Art Society Exhibition

The Sesshu International Art Society was established in 1994, celebrating the artistic achievements of Sesshu Toyo.
It is still a young group, but since its formation it has focused on the motto “Introducing Oriental Art to the World at Large”, endeavoring to provide an international platform for its members to present their work globally. Since its inception, it has followed three fundamental principles:

• Create based on tradition, but looking one step ahead
• Do not imitate; freely express a manifestation of your own spirit
• Advance the internationalization of sho-ga calligraphy and painting works through active overseas development

The defining characteristic of this exhibition is the gathering of various painting and calligraphic work from all over Japan in one room, transcending the boundaries of art associations and groups. It is a place for fruitful cultural exchange for artists: a contest with followers of different schools, an opportunity to widen perspectives and knowledge. And with its variety of styles, it is a place for visitors to enhance their enjoyment of writing and painting. It would be our greatest pleasure for visitors to gain a deep experience of the uninterrupted tradition of Japanese painting and calligraphy, and its progress and innovation responding to the flow of history. We would like them to feel high hope for the future of Oriental art from Japan and its passage out into the world.

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