Artists and REIJINSHA
— The Two Indispensable Sides to a Successful Future

How much do people know of the existence of the great many artists alive today?

In today’s society, overf lowing as it is with a plethora of rich and assorted information, the number of artists continues to grow along with the development of culture, and unseen masterpieces of art are constantly being generated from a diversity of places. An ever wider choice of artwork is being conferred upon the viewer, with preferences nowadays becoming as diversified as one’s choice of clothing. At REIJINSHA Co., Ltd., it is our goal to serve as the place and offer the medium where both artist and art aficionado can effectively meet.

Our business involves offering all manner of support for the needs of contemporary artists who are active at an international level. To that end, REIJINSHA holds large-scale exhibitions in Japan in order to introduce remarkably unique artists, regardless of nationality, we publish art books that reflect the times, and we produce a variety of other printed matter related to art. Internationally, we hold exhibitions to introduce the various genre of art that can be found in present-day Japan, assist domestic artists in applying for participation in international art fairs, as well as for exhibition in the strictly-judged public subscription exhibitions of Europe, and even manage group conferences between artists of each country.

We feel that it is REIJINSHA’s social obligation to accelerate the progress of art culture throughout the world by supporting those activities that an artist simply cannot accomplish on his or her own.

Kazuo Noguchi

Management Philosophy

- Serve as a bridge between society and the art world and support the cultural development of the world
- Act professionally and be a company that is trusted by all artists
- Make the company a place to maximize one’s capabilities and a place to realize self-expression

President Kazuo Noguchi
Established December 15, 1993
Business description
-Book publishing and sales
-Production of assorted printed materials
-Planning and operation of art exhibitions and other events
-Advertising agency
-Commissoning,sales and import/export of paintings
-Gallery administration
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